Free startup tools list

Sebastian Pola
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Hi everyone! 🔥🔥🔥 I've prepared a free list of tools that I think everyone building their startup (or thinking about it in the future) should know. These tools will make building your own startup much easier! I encourage you to download this list here -> I would be grateful if you could share with me your opinion on what to add/change/improve to make this document more valuable for you. Best regards!


Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
Pretty great list! You might want to narrow it down, or explain differences between them. For instance, you probably don't need both Trello and, but maybe add some more comments about how people can understand which one might be better for them. (Let me know if you need any tips on vs Trello as I actually am fairly experienced with both.) For social, you might want to add Buffer - it's a great tool for scheduling posts on social channels! I also personally prefer 1Password over LastPass
Sebastian Pola
@britt_joiner Thanks much for the feedback and advice! I will add betters comments to explain the differences between these tools. If you want to be on list of contributors of this list - email me at
@britt_joiner Would you please elaborate on the differences between the two. I wanted to use Trello for our build in public initiative, but i noticed that users need to login to actually upvote/comment/ share an idea so i chose another tool instead to showcase our product feature updates. But I know that Trello is a hugely popular tool within the SaaS & other tech companies
Brittany Joiner {Britt the Builder}
@nilova_pande I actually wrote this post about monday vs trello: But as far as the roadmap piece, you can create a public trello board that doesn't require users to login and I believe they wouldn't be allowed to _comment_, but they can still click the Upvote button even without being logged in!
Emelie Hebert Poulin
Hey Sebastian, thanks for sharing your list! I have not looked at the list yet (will do and share my feedback as well) but I wanted to share a few insights about your landing page. :) Your value proposition is clear and to the point. The structure of the page is logical and simple which is also great. Have you thought about adding more information about what founders will find on your list and the benefits? Under your core categories, adding a short description for each + repeat CTA at the end one could be helpful.
Sebastian Pola
@emelie_hebert_poulin Hey Emelie, that is a very good idea, thanks! I will do it in the future. Thanks for your feeback!
Hey thanks for sharing this, i wrote an entire blog on this topic, to share all the apps & tools we at @qinapsworkbooks use to build and run the company.