Founders/makers, how did you discover your first 100 early believers?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Through active community participation and word of mouth
Daniel Baum
@srama79 Any advice on community participation? I've been trying to get active on PH and Reddit, having little success with Reddit but a bit more here!
@daniel_baum I struggled for sometime with these too. Reddit, its tough to be regular contributor, and it is important to identify the right community, for there are many dead communities. I have found the Indie Worldwide community run by @anthonycastrio as among those more vibrant ones, along with PH one. I am still looking for potential offline/online retail related communities. Not many that I can identify
Daniel Baum
@anthonycastrio @srama79 Thanks for sharing! What's the actual Reddit community called - /indieworldwide didn't seem to work. /Churning is for credit cards but by far the most active community i'm involved in
Surender Singh
Started with cold calling potential customers. Gradually refined that pitch. Made the product Freemium and let people play with it. Started building an audience on social media. Lots of hustle and grind.
Luke Embrey
@surender_singh How did you grow your social media audience, a blog?
Surender Singh
@luke_embrey Still working on social media audience building. I have started sharing my experiences as a founder. I don't plug in our product everyewhere. Now starting a blog. You can follow me on Twitter @SurenderBp ;)
Eugene Hauptmann
I agree with @surender_singh, offering freemium product helps to break the ice. also reddit/twitter helps to build early relationships and address the need of your audience. Also recent trend is community > audience
Blake Wisz
@surender_singh @eugenehp would love to know more as I just launched a product. How would you get started on Twitter.
Eugene Hauptmann
@surender_singh @blakewisz From what I glimpsed in your QR product, it looks like an alternative solution to LinkTree just with QR codes. So I'd go to Twitter and start asking people that use your closest competitor for what they like/don't like and what kind of things are they missing from the product. Also from the product's prospective, if you're building Twitter presence, I'd definitely add Twitter signup on your website and created Twitter account for your business too. There's obviously more, but this should give you an idea.
Blake Wisz
@surender_singh @eugenehp wow, these are really good places to start though. Mega thanks for feedback and taking the time to review. Definitely an alternative I hope to continue to build out based on user feedback and needs.
Lalit Tyagi
Agree with @eugenehp finding the right community is key and very tough to find out even.Keep hustling
vu nhung
Tôi đồng ý với Surender Singh
Blake Wisz
This is a big goal for me right now launching let me know how you did it online. :)
Sai Kambampati
Been tweeting for a long time sharing my work and progress from a beginner developer to starting a new product. By learning and building in public, people were able to build confidence in me and my work.
1. Do a powerful pre-launch by social media, #buildinginpublic and DM potential users. 2. Do cold emails by scrapping lists. 3. Get active in niche communities. 4. Reach out to your network. 5. Engage and collect feedback from early users. 6. Ship user-requested features to get them involved in it. 7. Offer freemium product so maximum people can sign up. 8. Launch on Product Hunt etc. I have collected 200+ tips and categorized them into this huge Product Hunt Launch Checklist. 📚 9. Start blogging.
Mike Ivars
@falak_sher we have done all of that too, except step 8 yet. use Ship by Product Hunt to appear before launch in Upcoming section of PH to get subscribers. In fact, we are right now there.
@ivarsmas Good advice. I see you have 219 subs there. Are you a paying member?
Mike Ivars
@adam_maceachern1 We have test and changed constantly to find the best: Copies of slogan in upcoming page, messages, image, etc And right now.. I think we didn't find yet the best option.. but we are open to feedback too 😉 About your upcoming page, I can't find it in Upcoming page. I don't know why and if it's an error can reduce your success. And.. perhaps request for credit card data only to start.. generate a lot of friction.. if you aren't a well-recognized entity yet. But it's only an idea. 🙂
Michael Xing
@falak_sher We didn't do any of this, we thought that getting our product out as early as possible would be the best way. Maybe that was a mistake.
Maxim Ignatev
I'm trying to do so right now by spreading fun stuff on social media:
Lalit Pandey
For me, it was a single Quora answer.
David J. Kim
@lastyprsfe Haha wow, that sounds interesting. Are you able to elaborate?
Inna Proshkina
@lastyprsfe I'm curious what was the question?
Nomiki Petrolla
@lastyprsfe interested, can you provide more information?
Lalit Pandey
So, basically. Our product was an on-site gadget repair service and the market we operate in is a shady service. People don't trust anyone when it comes to gadget repair. There's issue of counterfeit part, removing parts and all other ill practices. One day while casually browsing Quora, I came across this question which has a ton of followers and asked the question on 'where to get the laptop repaired without getting duped'? I answered it in detail letting users know how they can check it out for themselves. We got first 10 customers, I asked them to review on Google. A mix of Quora answer and Google review and some referrals got us first 100 customers in 28 days.
Lalit Tyagi
@lastyprsfe This is amazing man see the right community and audience you got and you got your customers...
Ignacio Jiménez Navarro
It's hard to get the ball rolling, what I suggest is to talk to friends, hence friends of friends, professional circles, university, etc.
Trent Wann
Finding our first 100 believers came easily through friends & network, but they were believers of us more than our product. To find what we called our "stranger market", we focused on using TikTok. This drove a little over 1,000 new users and after we had them as users, we focused on engaging them on Instagram, in a Discord, and on phone calls. This turned our first 100+ believers into community that has been made a part of our team.
Stuart Winchester
It's tricky because you have to define (for yourself or for your team) what a "believer" is. It can be easy to fool yourself into believing a "believer" is the same thing as a customer just window shopping or an investor with a passing interest. A "believer" to my mind, is a bit deeper. We've solved this by building deeper channels that some of users can pursue with us (e.g. volunteering to be an ambassador) and then seeing what the conversion and pull through is there.
Ben Guzovsky
One at a time! It was a long cold emailing process, but the second believer came easier than the first, and so on... :)
Thank you so much.This is a big goal for me right now launching
Gleb Braverman
At Gossip ( we create a landing page with a sign up form and posted on on slack groups, twitter and other social media. This way we ended up with 1500+ folks excited about our product!
David J. Kim
@gleb_braverman That's super impressive! What was the process like?