Founder challenge. What's your bullet pitch?

Adrian Cole
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Describe your startup in 3 words or less. Mine: Social audio community What's yours?


Justin Jackson Podcast hosting, analytics membership system
Adrian Cole
@mijustin Does Transistor have an API?
Joseph Abraham
@mijustin ❤️ at SaaS Industry. We switched from simplecast, great product 🔥 Love what you folks have built!
Guru Honna
Congratulations on your launch
sulyman moyo : Product Hunt for NFTs : Buy me a coffee with crypto
Marek Sotak
Delightful time tracker
Fekry Aiad
Talk with an expert online.
Tania Lee
@rtralrayhan I've done a bit of research in the all-in-one freelance space and Grabstar is definitely unique. I feel like the reviews are a HUGE differentiating factor in the crowded freelance saas space. Calling your product just an all-in-one freelance misses your unique selling proposition.
Ju Li - Understand customer's personality
Jitesh Lalwani
Quantum Computing Library
okram ovic
Nice things happen too
Alice Rodgers
one-click fundraising
Alice Rodgers
@adriancole Thank you very much for your interest. Simply speaking, TeQatlas is a 2-sided marketplace for startup founders seeking investment (a.k.a. investee) and investors looking where and how to invest (a.k.a investor). Investees submit profiles (a.k.a Dossier) with the information about the company and the Deal (what they are seeking funding for, round size, funding preferences). Investors submit their investment preferences, and after that, t̶h̶e̶ ̶m̶a̶g̶i̶c̶ AI-based algorithm starts to work and match only relevant investors and investees based on the data provided globally. So, no more endless pitching and outreaching; powerful AI under the hood selects only relevant "matches". Our app was built by ex-investors and founders, so we have extended network, and we know all the pains we are solving :)
Alice Rodgers
@savian_boroanca Thanks, Savian) Feel free to visit us if your company is currently fundraising or planning to raise capital soon)
Triv Andhare
@cn__katie Love the landing page! I'm curious about which stage of their start-up journey your tool helps Founders. I've read the 'Pre-Deal Guidance' blurb, but pre-deal could mean anything from an established boot-strapping start-up that has significant rev - OR - a pre-rev start-up that has just finished building their MVP. Great to get your thoughts on this.
Alice Rodgers
@trivial Hi, Triv! We value your time in taking a look around) Our platform helps all the startups: Phases:pre-rev, post rev, profitable; Stages: PoC, Prototype, MVP, Product, Growth; Deal rounds: for now we are focused on pre-seed, seed, series A and series B rounds of investment. Also, we are working on later rounds. Feel free to look around also, you can jump on a demo from messenger we have on the website "Schedule a call" or "book a demo" buttons(in case you have questions)
John Mirochnik
Find Undervalued Stocks My app (Company 360) is for stock market research.
personalOS — leverage your data
@adriancole We make your personal data portable. Ha, would love to tell more, but still a bit under wraps. More soon!