If you had to open a local small business, what will it be?

Adrian Cole
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If I wasn't building a consumer startup, and had to run a local small business I would either run a vegan restaurant or a barbershop. What about you? Keep the answers as low tech as possible.


Darrel Frater
I'm actually opening a kitchen & bath cabinet showroom this summer with my father. Other then that just invest in and flipping houses.
Adrian Cole
@darrel_frater1 Interesting. What's the angle with the showroom?
Darrel Frater
@adriancole My father always had a dream of opening this showroom so over the past 2 years we've been pushing hard to make it finally happen. I've been working mostly from home, but now I can use it as almost an office and help manage the store at the same time. We'll see how it goes lol
Eithiriel (Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré)
I would be a florist. 💐 Absolutely love flowers. Would partner with and donate % of profit to local mutual aid orgs.
Adrian Cole
@nikkielizdemere That's actually a good business to run. You get to meet and interact with a lot of awesome people. Good choice.
Molly O'Neill
@nikkielizdemere My mom was a florist who had her own shop for years. She was really talented. Big heart too so if a young boy came in with $1 to buy his mom flowers, she would give him a $50 bouquet. The only challenges is it's really hard work and your product has a short life. But you are correct, florists are surrounded by beauty.
Morgan Lucas
A small coffee shop. There are less green spaces around, but we have a pretty nice one nearby. Set up shop there, have a deck overlooking a nice forest and creek. Give people some outside time while away from the tourist hustle.
Kenny Soto
I would do my best to start something with the least amount of inventory necessary—dry cleaner / Laundromat. IF I was able to add some tech to it, I'd make it exclusive to AirBnb hosts only, that way they get quick turnaround times and a reliable service for cleaning bedsheets, curtains, towels, etc.
I'll open a breakfast bar. open 4hrs, 7 - 10am.
Adrian Cole
@gogloballakshmi Isn't that 3 hours. Plus why so short?
@adriancole 😬 thank you for the correction Cole! I was teaching inclusive counting yesterday and hence the hang over.. Short because Anything after 10am is brunch and I want to do other things like sourcing quality stuff for the next morning, some breakfasts need previous preparation, have a lavish lunch, indulge in a hobby, tend to family... It is good to keep things brief so it does not come across as boring.
Prateek Majumder
I always thought about a small fast food stall.
Deep Eiem
I want to start fresh cake bakery and Ice cream shop..I love to make varities colourful cakes and ice cream.I like to experiment.I also want to make something unique combination
Md Raisul Islam
I wanted to start a fast food street shop.
Adrian Cole
@md_raisul_islam_bappy quite a few in the Comments. I guess find your co founders here when you're ready.
Cathleen Turner
Elevated lemonade - I would have a mobile cart on beaches. It can come with booze if allowed in some beaches. I love frozen lemonade
Asta So
It would be a cat cafe or a quilt shop, or perhaps a combination of both. Except I'd have to figure out how to keep the cats away from the quilt fabrics 😅
Alena Shikova
Definitely, a coffeeshop:)
Cica-Laure Mbappé
In a few decades, I would open a flower shop, or a guesthouse.
Shubhi Goel
A reading and painting retreat. People who love to read and/or paint will have the perfect outdoors and the tools - vast library and paint tools - to completely let go of all stress and immerse themselves in nature and creativity.
Jing Hu
Bubble tea + Taiwanese food!
Manish Rawat
I would open a photo studio
An eco friendly, plastic free grocery store
Definitely something in the beauty industry. Maybe a spa that specializes in facials, other skin/body treatments, nails, etc