Focussing in Coffee Shops?

Eric Sales De Andrade
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Hi all, Any tips to avoid distractions when working out of coffee shops? How many days a week do you work out of coffee shops instead of at home? Coffee shops vs Coworking spaces?


Miri Blayckher
Hi Eric, great question. I think that what helps me is music - something without words, that just keeps me minded to my work. Also, try to choose a quiet place to begin with, so a more chill area of the coffee shop, not to close to other people an so on. During the past year I've been working mostly at home or coffee shops, and found these thing helpful. Best of luck!
Raj Vasani
Hey Eric, I have been working from a coffee shop and home since the last 1.5 years. And just get a pair of earphones and start the lofi channel on youtube. You won't even know that you are at a cafe until your freshly brewed coffee arrives. Compared to co-working spaces, coffee shops are cheaper and have nicer coffee. Co-working spaces can help you build up a good network and provide a "work-like" environment for you. So it basically boils down to your priorities. Cheers!
Nik Hazell
I try and use "guilt" to help me focus. If I'm not working, other people will see! I'm not sure this is the best answer though, guilt isn't the healthiest way of motivating yourself!
Alexander Moen
I currently work out of a coffeeshop maybe twice per week. One noticeable distraction is whether I have my line of sight with the door or out the window. Each time a person walks in, I believe my subconscious brain wants to look at them and evaluate the situation (it's probably an old biological system that is evaluating safety). If I'm facing a window, there are far fewer people to distract the reptile part of my brain. Plus, I'm also likely to get a view of nature (even if it's only a few trees in the parking lot). Now, I've noticed my conscious brain tries to convince me to grab a seat elsewhere, or perhaps in a comfy lounge seat that is facing that direction, but I definitely get more work done when I take my views into account.