Digital Nomad/Coliving - New Idea Validation

Eric Sales De Andrade
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Hi all, I've been reading Aravid Kahl's books around choosing an audience and finding/validating critical problems before proposing a solution. From my experience as a digital nomad, Coliving has been one of the easiest ways to make friends and connections in a new city. But I've also lived in Colivings where I didn't vibe with the people and had a poor experience. This took me down the rabbit hole to understand how Coliving owners select and vet prospects before deciding if they're the right cultural fit. Or do they not care much and just need the rooms filled. I've been contacting Coliving owners on FB for a quick chat but having a hard time getting their attention and real insight out of the exercise. Spoke to a few digital nomads and had lukewarm responses. Inspiration for this idea came from Courtland Allen's interview (Indie Hackers) with Lynne from Key Values around how Lynne matches engineers with tech companies based on culture fit. What do you think and any feedback from experienced entrepreneurs around critical problem validation? Cheers!


Alexey Zolotarev
Hi, It's really great idea! I have good experience in places like yoga villages, kiteboarding or climbing camps. Cause you can do a job and simultaneously feel the vibes of your passions, mates and nature )))
Boris N
Hi, how is your project ? You should know you have some tool to validate your product like It will help you to : - Identify if your idea meets a real market need - What methods to test the viability of your idea quickly and at a low cost - Analyze competition for your idea - Determine if your idea is technically feasible with your skills - The needs and behaviors of your users - To market your idea and acquire your first users There are similar tools on the markets, but this is one is for modern webmarketing.
Mayank Pokharna
Hi Eric, would love to connect and share my experience as operator, tech product builder and freelancer in Coliving world for last 8 years. I am rechable on if you are still persuing this.