Find mentors to help you learn how to code [Need feedback]

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Hey PH I'm building, a tool to help people learning to code get unblocked. Lately, I've been thinking about a pivot. I want to help people choose a mentor and pay a monthly subscription in exchange for guidance on their coding journey. Is that interesting? The help would be provided asynchronously, via text. Say you're stuck on a code problem and you just need a little nudge. You'd message your mentor and they'd guide you or solve your problem. When I was just starting out I wasted countless hours of Stackoverflow or Reddit to get some guidance. This would have saved me so much time. I like the open-source, free help ethos in the dev community. But I'd also want a tool that gives people the possibility to pay for help. What do you think? If you like the idea don't forget to send your email via the form on the website - I'll give you credits when the platform is in open beta. Thanks!


victor bradford
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Well, a mentor is always needed if you want to learn anything! coding is no exception. For instance if you are learning to drive a vehicle you will need instructor but if you need online thesis writing service you can avail on your own!
Carvin John
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There are plenty of ways to get help learning to code in London. You can find mentors through online resources or in person at coding meetups. You can also join a coding course offered by a local coding school. Once you have a basic understanding of coding, you can start looking for a law essay help in london as a junior developer.