Feedback Needed 📣: Ginger - an app to build eco-friendly habits. Makers Festival Green Earth Edition

Cathleen Turner
5 replies Ginger is a game to build eco-friendly habits by completing challenges. The more people join you, the bigger the impact. We have gotten some feedback from friends and family. We would like to know what you think!


I haven't tested it, but it sounds great for schools, especially now that kids are in pods/bubbles. In my kids primary school (Ireland) they are already having competition for "table who is quickest to tidy up" and other challenges. In Ireland there is also the green school initiative.
Love it. All the best!
Dimitris Karavias
The built-in virality is a great idea! I think the UI needs a bit of refining. Will there be some kind of tracking? Amount of people you've influenced, how many challenges you've completed, what kind of challenges you prefer, etc?
Cathleen Turner
@dkaravias the tracking is in the app. if you can see number of participants, and once you create an account there is a tab that shows you a summary of your impact in your completed challenges
Cathleen Turner
@dkaravias there is no view for the kind of challenges you prefer, only ones you can do and ones you have completed