Favorite growth hack?

Youri Nelson
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What is your favorite growth hack or the one that worked best for you recently?


Actually building something rather than just dreaming about it....
Satoshi Nakamoto
@maxwellcdavis Like Nike says, "If you want to create a revolution..." Everything is going to will be all right; "Just Do It".
Youri Nelson
@maxwellcdavis @s_nakamoto That's fair. I think the building part is implied (or should have been). But I agree it's easy to get sidetracked and be hyper focused on growth and not enough on building the product. Maybe the real question, how do you best determine market fit?
Sharath Kuruganty
Cold DMs on Twitter. I can't stress how underrated it is and how effective at the same time.
Fatos Bediu
@5harath Does it work better with a personal or a business account?
Rucha Joshi
@youreka that's quite interesting I never thought it would work on reddit. What sort of subreddits do you go on to search for people to DM?
Youri Nelson
@rucha_joshi8 subreddits that pertain to our space or pages dedicated to our competitors. So privacy, own your data, protonmail, tutonota, p2p, etc...
Hassan Shaikh
@youreka late to this discussion, but can you share how DM'ing people directly on reddit went? any tips, best practices? I am about to start on this and would love to know what to avoid and what to say to drive signups!
Youri Nelson
@hassanshaikh it actually was very successful for us, we try to narrow it down to subreddits that were pertinent to our product, so we didn’t reach out to people outside of our target audience and we tried to keep it grounded, avoiding the sell pitches that may resemble a bot posting type thing and then simply having a conversation around pain point or issues these reditors may have expressed on the sub, and talking about out solution. The majority of people received it well, a few called it creepy and spammy but that i guess that was to be expected. Overall it was definitely a win for us. @pierre_kraus (Telios team member) drove a couple hundred people to our platform which for us this early one is huge.
Mike Cardona
DM’s and adding value. Not asking for anything in return. But i don’t treat it as a “growth hack”. It’s just fun.
Youri Nelson
@mikecardona_ I guess instead of the word hack I should have said strategies. We've tried to DM and it works well, some misses where people don't like it but for the most part, it works well.
Satoshi Nakamoto
You need to clarify the specific context of your question. For example: Eating 5 times a day caused my stomach expansive growth. That's how to hack being skinny!
Youri Nelson
@s_nakamoto ahaha That's funny. Growth Strategies for your startup?
Bertha Kgokong
I found this tool right here on PH https://awario.com/ it is amazing to say the least, for creating leads from people online already asking about what you are doing. It gathers leads from all over the internet, including twitter and reddit. Then you combine with with clear goals, and objectives - create a sales funnel starting with these leads and work towards converting them. Its not free, been using the trial version which is about to expire now.
@berthakgokong interesting. Thanks for sharing.. Just posted in an AMA on IndieHackers about using social listening tools.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Social media communication
Youri Nelson
@antonovna Do you mean straight DMs or mass audience communication?
Ira GI
conferences, personal acquaintances, replenishment of the client base
Youri Nelson
@ira_gi What do you mean by replenishment of the client base?
Vian Trinh
Communicate your product's and YOUR values to a positive community :)
Kirill So
Reddit, so many niche communities