Embarrassment of pubblishing content media with your face on it.

Gabriele Sangrigoli
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How do you overcome the embarrassment of pubblishing content with you face on it? Like Youtube videos, Instagram stories, FB posts.


Only way to really get over it is to do it more frequently - as with everything it takes practice. Always remember that most people never even make it as far as publishing content in the first place!
This may be a contrarian opinion. I think you shouldn’t do anything you don’t enjoy. Right now I’m testing this idea in my own startup - only doing what I want, for reasons I care about. I grew daily active users exponentially following this concept (because I have a very small platform) but I do think users sense authenticity and inauthenticity.
Alina Ihnatiuk
Hey! Unfortunately, this is my biggest problem ... I don't post stories, rarely posts with my photos .. I don't like my appearance in photos. Yesterday was my personal story for the last 10 months. But 3 years ago I was an active user on social networks. I don't know where this self-doubt came from...,.(
Kit Fach
Build confidence in small ways and work your way up to it. For example on YouTube start with voiceovers showcasing your product or whatever it is you're talking about, write a blog, or do other types of written content. You could start answering questions on Quora or even here on Product Hunt. For audio and visual practice recording yourself listen back, and then go back and edit yourself. It will be horrible and awful to listen and watch yourself, but by doing that you will start to get over that fear. Most rational, self-aware people are embarrassed when they start to put out content, that's a great sign that you're not a sociopathic narcissist. Also, take comfort in the fact that when you start out not too many people will watch or listen. This means you can practice and evolve how you speak and present yourself on camera. Most importantly just start doing it, even if it's recording on your phone and never uploading. Being in front of a camera is a weird experience and work on just getting used to that feeling. Or try doing a podcast with a co-host that you like talking to.
Galia Ben David
You really have to learn to let go! I was super shy at first but after I just learned to be more confident and proud of my content!