Don't Read This If You Don't Like Entrepreneurship And Digital Marketing

Yonathan De La Cruz
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“Work for free, you must be out of your mind”. This is what I usually hear when I tell my wife about starting a business and improving one's value and self worth. “Why would you work for free? It doesn't make sense……”. She continues. But let me tell you this… At the outset it does’t make sense, If you don’t have a written out plan and course I have to admit, it would be stupid, if you have no set direction it would be of no use to you most likely. But if you know where you want to be in 5 years and are willing to put the hours in ,let me tell you this… I once saw a youtube video, it was a Gary Vaynerchuk video. It was this very video that opened my eyes to the opportunity there is in providing value with nothing in return. If you go and help someone achieve something that is valuable to both of you, that will boost your self confidence, knowledge and abilities. That knowledge and experience that you accumulated made you more valuable and put you closer to your dreams. If you are not satisfied with your life right now, change it. This will not happen in a day, this will take months and years of work. But let me give you a real life scenario… College students have to take an internship before they start working in their learned profession. It's not the same pay. But it's also not the same expertise and experience that is being hired. Let's take a doctor for instance, his name is Michael. Before Michael started his internship he never had to attend sick patients, or perform surgery on anyone. So why would his hospital pay him the same wage as their most experienced doctor? He is there to learn what is to be done and help the doctors and then the doctors within time let him perform surgeries under their supervision. He is there to soak everything up like a sponge and then be proficient in it. Fast forward 5 years later, that intern Michael is an experienced surgeon, who increased his value under that internship. Think of all the experience he gained, all the questions he asked, all the support that was given to him, all the mistakes and all of the blood sweat and tears. If he did not go through all of that he would not be able to command the wage he is commanding now. He has been put to the test and passed with flying colors. So my point is you need some sort of training that will give you the experience necessary to perform your job right. How can you expect good results if you have never had any prior training? The same thing goes with all professions including digital marketing. How can you bring in leads to a website without any formal training? How would you know that you're getting a strong ROI if you don't know your Cost Per Click (CPC), or your clients LifeTime Value (LTV)? These are all important metrics that a prudent digital marketer has to know about to make his business or someone else's business thrive. You have to get trained on the basics, copywriting, social media marketing etc. Once you have some breakthroughs your value increases. The reality of the job market right now is that employers are asking for 5 years experience on entry level jobs!! That's crazy!! So if you want a fighting chance to get a good paying job doing something you love and that pays well, don't be afraid of working for free, and please remember.. …when working for free in digital marketing, make sure you are doing something that is of value. Don't take up an apprenticeship and do something that has nothing to do with digital marketing. That is a big mistake. The whole reason you're doing this is to get good at something you want to get good at. Your mission should be to learn a valuable skill that will provide food on your table. If your mentor tells you to do a task that has nothing to do with digital marketing, you need to tell him that you want to do a task that's related to digital marketing. If that is not possible, get out of that relationship because you are not winning anything out of it. Get yourself a mentor that will give you work that you enjoy doing, work that will increase your value. If it doesn't increase your value, or if the service that is being asked of you is not in high demand, get out of that relationship. I am gonna share with you a website that connects you with mentors who will train and dedicate time to see you grow as a digital marketer for free. There are many opportunities that Acadium offers you for free. Learn more:


Daniel Leal
I like the way you introduced Acadium.
Well, that's very interesting. I wish I had found this post earlier. It inspired me. I generally like to follow technological innovation and entrepreneurship, these topics have interested me for quite some time. Especially lately, when I myself hired a services software company to develop my business. Now I follow literally every news from these areas.