Building a Saas Empire Takes More Than Just Code!!

Yonathan De La Cruz
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In business there are principles which you can’t diverge from because if you do, you risk going out of business. If you have enough business knowledge and grit you will have your way. You see, there are five major functions of business—product development, customer service, accounting, operations, and marketing. Coders are within product development. In business what moves the needle is…. Sales and marketing. That is 20% of business moves 80% of business. Check out what Sabri Suby a marketing genius had to say in his phenomenal book, “This really became clear to me when I learned about Vilfredo Pareto. Pareto was an Italian economist who became famous for his 80/20 rule. This is now commonly called the Pareto principle. He first discovered this rule when he found that 80% of a nation’s wealth was controlled by 20% of the population. As he studied this phenomenon more deeply, he found a disproportionate relationship between cause and effect in other areas of life, including real estate, growing crops, and all sorts of things: 20% of the input creates 80% of the result. 20% of the workers produce 80% of the result. 20% of the customers create 80% of the revenue. 20% of the roads cause 80% of the crashes. And on and on…” In everyday business life there are thousands of things that have to be done and the one that counts the most is sales and marketing. There are many coders turned entrepreneurs who just can't get the start-up up and running and to their knowledge it’s the best thing since sliced bread. The day that coder decided to create a start-up was the day his profession changed, he was no longer a coder he was a salesperson, he will have to dedicate less time to code and more time to promoting and selling his product. Once any person in any profession decides to sell a product or service they become a salesperson and… ….sales is an art and science, It can be learned. Once a coder pursues the entrepreneurship path, he must become well aware that his primary task is to sell that Saas. You must now host webinars, learn SEO, SMM, Email Marketing etc.These branches of digital marketing are going to help you out a lot. You now must be where your customer is at. You have to establish a line of communication. And you must be able to communicate how your Saas will be able to help them. As you can see the tasks that you have to do now are not what you're used to and if you want to succeed you will have to learn it or associate yourself with marketers, and salespeople so they can lend you a hand. If you feel like doing it yourself I suggest you take the Google Digital Garage, Digital Marketing course, it's free and you will learn the fundamentals of digital marketing. If you want to meet marketers go to Reddit or FB and type in digital marketing and you can join the groups. If you remember and live by the 80/20 principle you will be able to operate a well greased Saas company. I can also assist you with Sales & Marketing tips. Feel free to DM me and also… Follow me on Twitter: yonathandelac16


Manoj Ranaweera
And the message is - you offer sales and marketing support. It's amazing how much text you used to get to that point. Wish you all the best Tip: May be you want to reduce the content as very few people will ever read the whole.
Aurelian Spodarec
@manojranaweera I've read it all - I don't think its a lot for people on PH. I'm actually sad it doesn't have more good info in it :(
Yonathan De La Cruz
@manojranaweera thank you for your comment. I like to provide value first, I like to educate a bit and then state the service I provide.
Manoj Ranaweera
@yonathan_de_la_cruz stick with what works for you. Don't listen to me! I've been around so I have a short attention span.
Atul Ghorpade
Totally worth reading. Thanks for sharing. And people can't DM you on Twitter. Because, you closed message option. Just followed on Twitter.
Yonathan De La Cruz
@atulghorpade I had no idea, thanks for notifying me. I also had no idea you messaged me sorry for the delay.
Johnny Lester
I agree! In response, I would like to share this 3-minute roadmap by TechinAsia on scaling your business : - Get the right talent and funding, and look for ecosystems that support companies with training, co investment and accreditation schemes - Secure strong partners and connections to build your business network - Choose a base where setting up and incorporation is well streamlined Watch more: