Doing a giveaway on a customer research guide

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It's called "14 Traps To Avoid When Talking To Customers" It's my first info product - took a while but was super fun to create! It's basically me bundling up 10 years of experience learning from customers into a practical list of traps to avoid. Here are the traps: The Courtesy Trap - people don't want to offend you The Confirmation Trap - approach convos with a beginner's mindset The Forecasting Trap - people suck at predicting the future The Leading Trap - be careful with how you phrase yes/no questions The Big Effort Trap - what effort justification is and why it matters The Snack Trap - low hanging fruit is so enticing! The Prospects Trap - don't only talk to prospects The Support Trap - don't only talk to existing users The Solution Trap - brainstorming solutions on the fly The Recency Trap - "that last convo was everything!" The Authority Trap - "but they wrote 5 books!" The Selection Trap - "artists love our idea for accountants" The Survivorship Trap - "do you like this feature you use everyday?" Let me know if you want the full guide and I'll DM you a link on Twitter to the Whimsical doc!
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