Why we tweaked our idea after talking to customers

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Not sure if I'm going to hate myself for saying "niched down", but we niched down our idea. Our original idea for Marvy was to add async video to how product teams get feedback, bugs, questions, and praise from users. We had a few calls with customers and tried to Mom Test it. We didn't talk much about our idea until the end of the calls and mainly focused on how they do things today. One big thing we learned was the way customers get bugs submitted by users comes with a lot of wasted time. The bug reports are often text with no screenshot or video. There are mental gymnastics to figure out what the issue is. You also may need a follow-up call to ask more questions and to see what was happening in dev tools. We also learned that internally, teams send looms for bugs more frequently than they send product feedback. Not that the latter wouldn't be valuable, it's just not as common. When they run into a bug, an first thought is capturing a visual to help the engineer who picks it up. This is great for us - we don't need to climb mountains convincing prospects they should screencast bugs. So we changed our broad focus on async video between product teams and their users to a more narrow focus on bug reports. This makes our offering much simpler to message and for prospects to grasp. We can also auto-include console logs and errors with each bug video. This is an added layer of value so there is less back and forth wrangling technical details. Lastly, this is clearly already something customers are paying for today. Demand exists - we aren't the first SaaS trying to improve bug reporting. We updated our landing page to reflect the new focus: https://www.marvy.so/.


Graeme O’Connor
The Mom Test is such a must-read. A phenomenal book. Best of luck!
@iamgoconnor Thank you! Yea it really is a great book.