Does this type of community platform exist?

Ken Savage
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I love Circle and the community platform they've build. But one of the things I struggle with is when my students don't watch ALL of my training videos in the course they bought. Also some don't participate in discussions. Was wondering if there was a creator's platform that let's you gamify your customers and give them points, badges and recognition for their involvement.


Andy Beard
There are lots of LMS platforms with various forms of gamification You can also limit access until content is watched or a quiz is completed There are also cohort-based learning platforms, or you can use your current platform to do cohort launches, drip content and make sure at the end of a week no one is left behind with webinars for Q & A.
Gleb Braverman
Check out Maven - it's great!
Yalin Solmaz
Do you need the content delivery and community engagement pieces to be all on the same platform? Or are you ok with them being in separate places? Something like, hosting your videos in one place and then linking to the discussions from the videos to somewhere else?