How do you find similar products & services?

Ken Savage
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Is there a website or app that will show me competitors or similar products?


Hello! I can tell you how to find analogous sites, I use this site, but there are other options.
Hey, There are a few different tools: AlternativeTo: Owler: Crunchbase: You can even google a certain product/service, see who comes up in the ads and top results. Hope that helps.
Hazel Bruke
Ahrefs can be a great way of finding the competitors of your site or products.
Paul Nica
Usually with a simple google search. Find a more "popular" product in that niche and search for: "product X alternatives" and you can find almost everything that you want
Elvin Lee
Try also SimilarWeb - it's another good source on top of what others have already mentioned.
Marie Malikova
I check alternativeto usually