Does 3D/AR experience of products increases sales for online retailers?

Satyendra Sahani
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Dear PH Family, The increasing trend of e-commerce also increases demand for a better consumer experience. Do you think 3D/AR of the products are the ways to go or it is too early to talk about this? To understand, Check this link - Table - Toaster - Let me know your feedback.


Elena Cirera
I think it could be beneficial to increase online sales, but it will take some time for this technology to be widely available.
Tanya Gupta
I totally agree with you, 3/AR is the new future which should be adapted as soon as possible.
Christa Elrod
Yes it will definitely increase sales by enhancing user experience. End users can visualize the product in the best possible manner. If you are looking for affordable 3d product modeling support, get in touch with us. https://www.proglobalbusinesssol...
Pranabesh Dash
I think both 3D and AR certainly has the wow factor and definitely help increase online sales. 3D can be made available on any smartphone device and everyone new Android devices are being enabled with AR. The key is education - I belive a large player like Amazon or Shopify can lead the way to make it mainstream. The key barrier is scalable content creation for 3D/AR - not the technology to view/experience.
Shermelie A. Dela Cruz
Yes, it truly is. Customers' hesitation and doubts about the actual effect of products are frequently one of the reasons that sales conversion is hampered. When 2D images are replaced with 3D models, customers can see the product in a 360° view by clicking and dragging, as well as a real-time preview of the model when selecting variants. This can virtually eliminate inconsistencies in comprehension between the physical object and the image. It will greatly improve the sales conversion rate and decrease the product's return rate while also reducing communication costs and saving valuable time. If you own a Shopify store, there are already apps available to help you meet that needs, I'll leave the link below for you to easily find it.
MD Samiul Islam
I think 3D/AR technology can be a great way to enhance the customer’s online shopping experience, giving them the opportunity to view “in-person” the product and feel more confident in their purchasing decision. This type of technology gives the user visual confirmation that what they believe they are purchasing, is the exact product that they are receiving. Additionally, I believe offering this type of technology can definitely increase sales for online retailers and establish a more trusting relationship with their customers. In terms of it being too early to discuss this - I think now is the perfect time. 3D/AR technology has advanced, so it's more accessible than it has ever been and more retailers are beginning to offer the service to customers. Furthermore, customers are increasingly demanding this type of technology now more than ever, so the time to start discussing it is now! Check out
Leon William
Definitely increase sales by improving the user experience. Get in touch with us at for more details