Do you work outside?

Cica-Laure Mbappé
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Summer is coming and it's getting difficult to stay inside working with such beautiful days. Do you work outdoor? (garden, terrace, coffee shop patios) What's your favorite spot?


Natalie Karakina
My favourite – terraces
Alex E
before covid, I love working in open terrace coffee shops. If I get too hot I can move inside
Manish Rawat
My favorite spot would definitely be a coffee shop but sadly I cannot work outside
Richard Francis
I like the idea of working outside, although in practice I find it tough due to sun glare! Recently I've started taking an hour at lunch to sit in the garden with my Kindle (much better in the sun). It breaks the day up nicely 👍
Tobias Gray
@richard_francis2 ditto here. On sunny days I'll sit in my back room so there's no glare with the door and windows wide open to let the fresh air and bird sounds in.
Osman Uzakgider
Yes, a lot. On a bench at lake. But only with ANC headphones
yes, benches @ lakes / terraces, garden etc. Just with ACN headphones
Bernard C
I don't! I find it hard to concentrate with people passing by and other distractions.
Jack Davis
I love the outdoors but it is hard to see with the sunlight on the screen and wifi is not always available outside. So I usually work indoors.
Yeasir Arafat Nabid
I love summer & also I Love indoor work.
caryn werner
My favorite spots are coffee shop patios + parks! Although, I have to find some serious shade otherwise the glare on my laptop screen gives me a headache.
Richard G
Right now I work indoors but would love to be out
Sajid Hasan
actually i love teaching. so, i am teacher