Do you work on the weekends?

Richard Fang
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I've always gotten a mixed review around working on weekends. Some prefer it to be a no work zone so they can start the work day week fresh but others like to mix it up. What do you do?


Eivind Håverstad
Hi Richard! As a side project entrepreneur, the weekends are necessary for building products. Still, I find it easier to get the momentum during regular workdays.
Tanoy Chowdhury
I do work on weekends, sometimes. I try to avoid it as much as I can, but on a few occasions my work bucket gets so full on the weekdays, that a few of the tasks spill over the weekend.
Eugene Hauptmann
I usually write articles and read books over the weekend. Most of the productive work happens during the weekdays.
Eugene Bochkov
Do you even separate weekends from weekdays when building your own product?
Jessica Gregson
Try to avoid it, but if I need to I do. I see it as one of the responsibilities of having my own business.
Alexander Kaufmann
I try to do the creative & enjoyable tasks for my side projects on the weekends and the "not-so-sexy-tasks" in the evenings of my workdays. That way I can still get a lot of energy on weekends and keep them as stress-free as possible.
Adrian Cruz
@valaaarmorghulis This is a balanced model, also there are some not-so-sexy tasks which can't wait until the weekend so I like to utilize the business hours of the work week to the max. 👌
Chandan Das
Yes if i get extra money
Mark Diego
I work on weekends, sometimes because I love what I do and I don't have time on weekdays. I try to avoid it because I think that disconnecting is important too.
Zaid Saifi
Absolutely, In fact especially in Lockdown I kind of started hating weekends as communication with my contractors or clients would be completely off and thus making the project a lot slower but that said working few hours on weekend definitely doesn't hurt.
Patrick Osadolor Abhulimen
I work only on Saturdays, the reason is that it enables me to conclude all the work of the week and submit the report to my boss.
Onindo Ahmed
Almost always! I use my weekends to declutter and reflect.
Begüm Bayram
I actually dont like but I am a student and my proffessors treat us like we are 7/24 workers
School work yes. Exhausting
Sanket Makhija
I believe that mixing weekends with relaxation as well as completing some portion of work on the weekends is a sound choice.
Rashmi Gupta
yes but not on the issues going on during the weekend, on something different
I do sometimes, because I have a lot of tasks to do and I run out of time to complete all of them when working Monday through Friday.
Miriam Dorsett
What's a weekend? 😼
Stan Rymkiewicz
I only work on Sunday evening just prep my week ahead. 2h tops. Gives me focus on Monday morning and right energy to execute.
No, I use my weekends to develop new skills and create side projects that can improve my development.
Allison Braund-Harris
What are weekends? #entrepreneurship