Do you watch PH launch videos or skip them?

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Someone asked if it's worth doing a PH video to show at the start of your launch page. That made me realize that there are probably 1-2 videos I've actually watched until the end. I usually skip to the second pic to see what it's about in 90% of cases. Wondering what others are doing. I feel like a good image could potentially be more relevant. I personally don't have the patience to watch something unless it's *extremely* entertaining.


Adam Fortuna
Same. I've watched maybe 2-3 videos ever - and never once with sound. I like to see the product in action though, so if there are no screenshots I'll click on the video and scan through it to see if there are any live screens.
Ahmed Saleh
I never do. I cannot hold myself for a minute or so waiting to see what things are in the video. I always skip to product shots.
Adam Casole-Buchanan
I watch because we're trying to learn what makes a great PH video (to inform our own launch). If there are subs, I often I find I watch the entire video without sound by accident.
Usually skip. But I've seen a few really entertaining (funny or a little bit crazy).
EJ Park
I watch them. :) Please come check out mine!
Jonas Schaller
I am watching almost only videos, i love to see good produced/animated videos on here, i think they are more explaining then a img
Talia Bender
Depends. I have seen many PH videos where there is a narrator in a box in the corner going over each functionality of the product -- hard pass. However, others that are energetic and fun keep my attention. If I wanted something more informative, I'd likely end up at the website and look for tutorials later.
Mazin Shaikh
I watch them if it's no longer than 2 minutes. Also attention matters. If a video is so exciting I'll watch it for longer than 2 minutes.
Never watched one with sound--I typically just go straight to the product blurb.
Lucia Liu
I only watched the videos, just to see how the product actually works. But it has to be fun and entertaining tho
Nabeel Amir
I think the launch video should be catchy enough to be watched by the audience. However, as far as I'm concerned, if the product is of my interest, I definitely watch its launch video, otherwise it depends how good its presentation is.
John Patrick Hinek
Mixed bag, I'll usually always watch if they have an audio explanation attached and if they're at or around a minute.
Misha Krunic
If everything around the video is well put, then it sort of convinces me to take the step to watch the video - sort of like a culmination of getting introduced to the product. However, I do from time to time skip watching launch videos completely. I have to say, though - regardless of whether people watch the video or not, the launch seems more polished if it has a (well made) video.
Nishith from True Sparrow
I do watch the videos. I watch a few seconds before reading the first comment, and then depending on how interesting the overall product seems, I watch till the end or simply skip - which is what happens most of the time.
Dawn Veltri
Unless the video cover grabs my attention, I only watch the video if I can't understand what the product does from the images and description.
Justin George
I do watch some videos. Some are really fun to watch. One example of such a good video is by Simple analytics.