Do you use LinkedIn & what are your main pain points?

Marina Đurić
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Hello PH community, as a LinkedIn beginner and power user, I would like to know for what purpose do you use this platform. If you are a frequent LinkedIn user, what pains you the most? Also, if anyone uses Twitter, what are your experiences.


Talia Bender
I am the Marketing Lead at my company and definitely have a few pain points with LinkedIn. 1. Viewing notifications is a mess. I find the page to be extremely disorganized and just a jumble of activity. Additionally, it's impossible to see activity from before 90 days ago. 2. For some reason, we have found that we receive the highest amount of unqualified applicants for our open positions on LinkedIn. When we post on other sites, the applicants are much more qualified. 3. I dislike the new way to view the analytics of each individual post. You used to be able CTR, engagement, etc. in a simple drop-down below the posts, however, now it takes you to another page to view the analytics. 4. Also, I am not sure why LinkedIn puts limits on the number of hashtags a company is allowed to follow? It doesn't seem intuitive to me. I can probably think of more, but these are what come to mind now :)
Marina Đurić
@taliambender, I couldn't agree more on the points regarding the notification and analytics part. As for unqualified candidates, I haven't heard about that one. What do you think the issue was there? I also find it very annoying that now you can't talk to people if they don't accept your connection request and also that I constantly lose messages in my Inbox.
Robert Tolmach
Linkedin office says that someone is, for instance, a 2nd degree connection, but they often do not say who the mutual friends are. Grrr.
Having used FB and LinkedIn Ads, FB resulted in more site visits. Not sure if we did something incorrect on LI. Just an observation.