June's almost over! How are your plans going?⏳

Marina Đurić
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It's been a challenging and hectic month, I'm satisfied with the progress I've made, but there is more to be done before the end of the month. How's your plan going?


Gurpinder Singh
Trying to accomplish things that were planned. Almost getting there🚀
Aleks Dahlberg
We're 50% through our current raise, faster than expected but also slowed as the month progressed!
Marina Đurić
@aleksdahlberg The slow down is always expected near the end of the month, that's some great progress!
Excellent..!! I'm presenting my [prototype] social media marketplace platform to a few groups and it is going over well... Need to figure out how to launch it on PH soon..
@marina_djuric Thanks!! Have you done a launch...!? You can first point me to where to start...? haha I know I saw a page somewhere that described it but have to start the search over again...
Qudsia Ali
The month went terrific for us. We had to deal with some marketing campaign for 'Bravo,' and things went in our favor. We are about to launch it soon now.
Bhavna Singh
The plans which which we have drafted for ourselves are certainly on the path and we are optimistic to achieve them for us. However I have a point to make here , sometimes starting looks difficult but the consistency results wonders.
Dylan Merideth
We had to pivot after some realizations about product market fit, but they are progressing nicely
Alexandra Cote
Better than expected. Just had an unexpected client acquisition so I'm looking to fill in one available spot + working on my newsletter as usual
Total Restore Reviews
As regards the case you provided, it would mean that you have not yet put your plan into action, and thus you are still making an effort to do so. How is your plan going Oh, I am still working on it..
Asri Jasemi
yes mine too but lot of oppurtunity so totally thrilling just like this skylightpaycard