Do you use both Asana and Trello on a regular basis?

Matthew Johnson
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Or do you have to monitor multiple accounts with either? We have a Trello and Asana integration (along with that syncs all tasks assigned to you to a single view, as well as syncs any changes across these tools. We'd love to get your feedback on what we've built and see if it solves a headache for you! Send me an email or reply below and we can arrange a time to show you around and get your thoughts :) Thanks in advance!


Manoj Ranaweera
We did until one of team members discovered tasks on Google Chat. Now trying to switch to Google Chat Tasks. It is rubbish compared to others, but we live on Google Chat so it seems to make sense.
robiul haque
Review and prioritize discussion items before the meeting, Share any files or important context before the meeting etc in Asana.
Mikel Losada
I use Asana daily, it's great for small projects.
Ted Spare offers a two-way Trello-Asana integration that covers sub-tasks and assignees. Not sure if this is similar to what you're building but it could be an interesting reference point!
Egor Mishin
I use Trello, and I also use the AtTrack time tracker for more effective control of my projects. They have integration with each other and I use AtTrack to evaluate the effectiveness of my projects and the time spent on them.
Matthew Johnson
@egor_mishin interesting - thanks! Are you a freelancer by chance? Or is the time tracking for your own information?
Egor Mishin
@mattcrail No, I'm not a freelancer. We use Trello internally along with the AtTrack time tracker, which gives us a transparent picture of the effectiveness of our projects and how much time we spent on them.
Hussam Hebbo
We used to use Dropbox Paper + Asana at the beginning, but then it was more work for us to manage that and to have Asana as an extra source of truth for content and tasks. We decided not to use it for now and to keep things simple in Dropbox Paper only.
Dave Merwin
I'm interested! I use both all the time. Happy to dicuss.
Matthew Johnson
@davemerwin hey Dave - that would be awesome. If you have a sec could you drop me an email and we can arrange something?
I use asana mostly, and will make sure to check out your tool!
I am not using Asana or Trello. I'm using Stackby
Pavel Kukhnavets
Asana and Trello differ in their approach and features. Asana is known for its robust task and project management capabilities, making it suitable for complex and large-scale projects. It offers features like task dependencies, timelines, and project portfolios, making it ideal for teams with intricate workflows. In contrast, Trello is more visually oriented, using boards, lists, and cards to organize tasks, which is great for smaller teams and simpler projects. I think it is worth trying available Trello and Asana alternatives that are more flexible and feature-rich. Some good examples are Aha, GanttPRO, and Wrike.