Do you think websites should use photos or illustrations?

Michael Bogdanowicz
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Now, more and more startups are using illustrations. We made our own illustrations (not from shutterstock), but I am thinking about using photos. What do you use on your site, photos or illustrations?


Julia Doronina
I like photos more, with them the site becomes alive and more attractive!
Gleb Braverman
Yes, absolutely! Great graphics is always soooo appealing!
Karina Skrinnik
I think if illustrations are unique as in your case, it is a good idea to use them.
David Gregorian
I prefer real photos if you want to connect with emotions and if you show faces. Faces can have some special (positive) effects on your website visitors. Illustrations are in my opinion more suitable if you just want to explain something in a simplified way :)
Preeti Chovoor
Yes I think so because I personally feel that it helps make the website more visually appealing
David J. Kim
I think it also depends on the product. If it's something deep tech like a new Cybersecurity platform, then illustrations would be more appealing. Because I can't imagine a basic picture really illustrating something like that.
Michael Bogdanowicz
@between_team Thank you! I agree that photo can be not representative
Zuzanna Filipiak
I guess it depends on the page/product. I prefer to use both metodhs :) Why we have to be closed just with one method? The best way and the hardest part but most effective one is to compare both and create something that woks well
It really depends. I mean, there are tons of good illustrations but they usually won't do it for product display and online stores and stuff. However, they might look really good as a part of a presentation or something like that but I still use family stock photos when I make one xD
Christa Elrod
We will use a mix of illustrations and photos on our website. Good-quality graphics will attract the users' attention.
Ramy Wafaa
I think illustrations gives you the ability and creativity to create things that you can't reach with photos or at least regular stock photos. Check our work as an example on:
I choose photos. We all know how crucial visual content is for marketing, and attractive content is much more likely to resonate with the audience over time. So I always use VanceAI to optimize photos. This powerful image enhancer has various features, including all basic enhancements and photo restoration . Besides, it is straightforward to use and efficient. Highly recommended!
Illustrations are everywhere these days (white background, diversity & inclusion stock illustrations). I have interviewed some users and they tend to skip over these types of illustrations, almost paying no attention. Photos with human faces draw more attention and leave longer lasting memory. So to get more attention and deliver more impactful message, i'd go with the photos. (With an assumption that you are not using stock photos on your website).
Dima Braven
I think it depends on how well suited those or other images to convey the essence of the idea of the project. Maybe it will just be text or screenshots of the interface
If its possible, video and animations produce the highest click through rates by far. (source - we run a startup that helps create mobile landing pages). As those are not that easy to make, real photos as the others have mentioned is a little bit better than filler illustrations.
Noel Rajakumar
I think it depends on what the product or the brand is all about. Real photos induce emotions while illustrations could help in building a story to explain things. With that being said I feel it is better to use photos on testimonials or other pages that highlight the brand value and credibility whereas illustrations could be used in between flows or on a landing page!
Randy Taylor
If you're seeking to connect with emotions and reveal faces, I prefer authentic images.
Neal Woolery
For something as intricate as a new cybersecurity platform, illustrations would likely be more effective.
Vimal Kutmutia
Using photos always bring in human touch to the website vs illustrations.
Antonio Ricca
Thanks to photographs, you can attract more audience. Visualizations and illustrations always attract attention. That's why I decided to study how to remove object from a photo and other useful techniques. After this, the photo design process became much easier for me. I enjoy creating collages on various topics.