Do you think 3D will take over the design space?

Stefan Lobnig
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Lots of 3D software is popping up recently, enabling non-3D experts to use the power of 3D. What are your experiences with such tools - feel free to name any!


Lukas Prenner
I was sceptical at first, but after seeing colorful I'm much more confident that 3D tools will be the way to go!
I think it is happening now. Many interesting web tool shows up to help UXers with exporting 3d directly to codes that frontend can use, or just share 3d works with url. Products like Spline and Vectary
Mirko Vodegel
It is already doing for products! Product design done with shapr3D, shading with Blender, marketing composition done with
Nik Redl
3D is really getting a boost right now, I think designers are always wanting new possibilities. But I also think most legacy 3D software is really really complicated to use. I have seen lots of new tech emerging that supports 3D applications to be developed more easily. ThreeJs & r3F is making it much easier than ever before. Also, Apple finally supports WebGL2 in Safari. And I think you are really seeing the shift today. Apps like Shapr3D, Spline or RealitySketch show us that the market is huge. We are tackling the photography space with Colorful, where you can create real photos with software only, all in a browser. Check it out here:
Alex Kempton
I don't know if it will "take over" but I do think it is clearly becoming a viable option for many designers who otherwise would have shied away from such tools. For me I think the next step is being able to blend to the two very easily. Having overlays in 3D tools that allow you to work with 2D elements would be very useful for making posters. Having to switch between softwares for this kind of thing (and waiting for rendering) is very annoying.
Paul VanZandt
I think 3D modeling will have its place in the future of design, but only for products that need it. Most software is inherently 2D, so there wouldn't be a need. Alternatively, a massive market for physical products could benefit from 3D modeling. I wonder if 3D modeling will be used from the outset or will only happen when you're closer to a prototype. It should be interesting!
Ezzat Suhaime
It’s already widespread. Almost Anything physically made today is designed using 3d software. Stage designers build 3d models of their performance spaces to simulate lighting and acoustics. I’ve used Onshape and Fusion to model robot parts. Tools such as sketchup provide an easy onboarding for non-3d experts. Could it be easier for the absolute “newbies” — of course. :]
Adriel Cruz
Well some designers use it whenever they are making like graphics (e.g branding, posters, marketing collaterals, etc.) Right now, there are some web design that incorporate 3d elements to their website.
Maya Ben Zid
I am confident it's going to pick up the pace, for obvious reasons - faster network connection, more resource-efficient tools, and the growth of VR/AR. However, I don't believe there will be a takeover as there's a strong disparity in connectivity speeds across the world. While, in the US and other first-world countries 3D will be highly viable, in other places 2D will still be more feasible.
I feel doubtful. I know many young developers and I haven't heard any talk about 3D. But I found some time ago and I think it's pretty cool.
Srecko Micic
I am 3d artist myself, for more than 15 years :D 3D is not popping recently, it is here for long time. Might be more visible recently, for people outside this industry, cause of rise of AR and VR. Lately NFT. But it is indispensable tool in architecture, products design, prototyping ..
Creative Minds Factory
Yes, 3D will be everywhere soon. here are some reasons. 1. Metaverse, 2. 5G Internet access to Most parts of the World, 3. High-End PCs are available to everyone.
Guillaume Fradin
As a creator of such 3D tool, it's definitely great to see so many ideas and different approaches to creating 3D for the web. Hopefully Polygonjs ( ) stands out with its node-based approach.
aa launched a while ago, it's different than the usual 3D modelling tools as it is more of a 3D builder. You can create 3D stuff with LEGO and all kinds of other blocks and toys.
Igor Sadkin
Oh guys, you have to be ready, we are abut to launch new product for sketching and creating 3d visuals for interiors designers! Follow my account for next few weeks, ill give you more detail soon