Do you stop marketing if your product is down?

Tsz Hoi Lee
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As a small team and early-stage product, there are always full of bugs. Here's the thing, I was on my way to do some organic marketing tasks - Emails, Posting, going into communities etc. But then in the last two days, our service is facing some issues and only operate in a minimal way. If you were me - a non-tech founder, will you stop outreaching for now, then do more homework before the site is fixed? Or perhaps turn to more long term marketing tasks like SEO?


Dan Cleary
Firstly, a nice little bug reporting tool may help you resolve issues in your product faster (Tether ) :) I think it depends on just how stable your product is and how long your sales cycle is. If the bugs make the product unusable and your sales outreach is trying to get users to sign up right away, then maybe hold off. If the bugs make some aspects of your product not work, but overall the product still delivers on its core value, then I would say go ahead. Any user feedback is better than none. If the bugs make the product unusable, but it usually takes a few weeks to go from cold email to getting a user onboarded, I would keep doing outreach so that in a few weeks from now you still have a full pipeline. Good luck!