Do you sometimes feel more comfortable to talk with strangers than your friends?

Bryan Seok
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I do have somethings that I cannot really talk with my close ones. They might be some worries, concerns or just a small talk to make myself feel lighter. We're now building a random voice chat app where people can have a nice & clean conversation anonymously. Visual elements such as videos or pictures will be put off the service to avoid judging by looks and also to make a clear difference with dating apps. And mostly to have more users concentrated on their talks. Sounds kind of minor but just want some opinions from different people:)


Try to make the interface "safe & secure" as hell, it will help me feel confortable with this kind of thing :). Privacy & easy call to action to get out would be nice too !
Bryan Seok
@jacquelinclem Wow!! thank you so much for the comment and advice! An interface that users can feel "safe & secure"! I absolutely agree with your advice and started to consider as the key! thanks again!!! looking forward to your feedback again when our design comes out!! have a great day!
Maya Ben Zid
only if it's anonymous
Sam Liebeskind
This is interesting @bryanseok - I definitely see the value in this. I think a big part of the challenge will be figuring out how to keep the quality of matches and conversations high. The idea of question prompts could also be interesting for if there's a lull in the conversation or ppl match but don't know what to talk about
Bryan Seok
@bryanseok @samliebeskind Hello Sam!! thank you so much for your kind reply and opinion! Yes the big challenge is to keep the quality of the matches and conversations just like you said. But I do still have doubts that if this idea is really going to work and profitable while there are tons of matching apps out in the world. Oh wow! you thought the same thing as mine! We have added 100 simple-talk questions for users can use to have a smoother conversation. I'm currently still doing research how global people's needs for this app. I'm working on landing page and description, It would be great if you had a look.