Do you listen to music / audio when working (or do you sit in silence)?

Richard Fang
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Would love to see what people listen to (or don't). I've always listened to lo-fi music when working and it actually makes me somewhat productive but I'm curious to see what others do 😊


Tanoy Chowdhury
I rely on music a lot while doing my work. I prefer concentration music, as it keeps me focused.
Richard Fang
@tanoy27 What is concentration music out of curiosity?
Tanoy Chowdhury
@richardfliu Oops, my bad. I should have been more specific while replying to your question. Concentration music is binaural beats; it helps you to focus and concentrate in your work for long hours. Let me share a sample with you, it will give you a better idea - Link -
Jack Davis
I listen to lo-fi as well. I like having some background noise but only a little!
Rachit Nigam
I too listen to lo-fi music, it brings a sense of concentration and reduces the work triggered stress sometimes.
Begüm Bayram
Depends. If it is something that I need to concentrate I prefer not but if its a routine work it is boring without music
Richard Fang
@begum_bayram That's true - sometimes when I need to focus I turn off the music just to focus up for that short amount of time :)
Rain sounds do the trick for me. I use the 'Relax Rain' app which has 37 variants :)
Richard Fang
@skipvs I've used this before! Haha I actually tried the ambient New York Rain sounds one where a guy walks around New York for 2 hours. That was pretty nice as well :)
Ari Cohen
I also listen to lofi music! It keeps me focused for some reason, seems to always do the trick!
Sometimes I listen to Music and other times audio books I have already listened to. I don't like sitting in silence. I end up getting bored and feeling drowsy.
Valentin Haarscher
Only when there is a lot of distracting noise otherwise I am super proactive when there is a small background noise :) Check this fake office background noise site it's great !
Ana MT
No music works best for me. Wish music I get distracted and start singing haha
Farshid Humayun
I listen to lo-fi a lot while working. Immediately improves my mood and grants me the drive to finish my work.
Eddie H.
If it's deep work, I listen to music that is repetitive like House. Can't have words or lyrics though - they are distracting.
Priyanka Mehta
I too listen to Binaural Beats. Helps me concentrate on my work and also relieves stress.
Steven Hankins
I love listening to LoFi beats while working; it makes me productive. It gives me this concentration and helps me relax during my uptime. I'd love to explore other options as well. Can anyone give me recommendations other than LoFi?
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