Do you have habits or just commitments?

Vio Vanica
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Hey Product Hunt folks, I am a big fan of Scott H. Young and in one of his articles, he challenges the perspective on habits vs commitments. Habits - spontaneous, triggered by a particular context, low level of conscious effort. Commitment - doesn’t need to come automatically, can require a lot of effort and energy, but you do it because you follow a rule in your head that says you need to do it. Scott says that the difference between habit and commitment, once conscious effort withdraws (or you stop enforcing your rule to do X) commitments tend to be more fragile than habits. I am a follower of routine but I have never asked myself before how many of my commitments I actually managed to turn into habits. I thought of them as habits that I can track. Apparently, they are only commitments. Now I am considering making my commitments into habits as the latest one requires maintenance rather than continuous monitoring to get done. Any thoughts on how you manage to make your commitments into habits? Cheers, Vio For those who want to read the article it's here:


Junior Owolabi
For me and Friend of mine, we clearly define our short and long term goals, implement better time management (No social media, unless beneficial to your personal/professional development, no movies/tv-shows). Work, Work, Work until you have reached a set milestone then you can take a break. Get from 0 to 1, take a break, 1 to 10, another break, 10 to 100
Vio Vanica
@rilwan_owolabi1 for how long have you been applying this?
Slava Bobrov
There is a concept of Mini Habits: actions that are so easy to commit to, you trick your mind into developing habits out of them. And once you achieve that, you can safely increase the amount of work you do, so the habit is not "mini" anymore. I recommend
Vio Vanica
@slava_bobrov I've never heard of Mini Habits before, thank you, let me check it out. Do mini habits work for you?
George Papas
I have a commitment to do fifty push-ups every day. :-)
Sarah Jordi
Such a good question!! Habit: I have a cup of coffee and a yoghurt every morning in bed and take 15-20 more minutes to just start the day easy. Commitment: I run 3-5 times a week. I wish it was a habit, but it's a commitment I have to push myself for a little bit :D
Vio Vanica
@sarahxjo I think you can still make it a habit,
from the minute 3:03 - are 3 methods on how you can do it, but it's easier said than done, I know it :)
My commitment becomes my habit when I have kept up with the commitment for long enough.. For example, most recent small habit development - I committed to wake up 30 minutes earlier at the start of March and now it has become a habit.. I wake up before the alarm goes off. The key is to have something to do after waking up, like a reward.
Vio Vanica
@gogloballakshmi love it, you sort of find a way to trick yourself, what's your reward?
@viorica_vanica There is no getting tricked here, rather it is very deliberate 🤔 The immediate reward is like a workout schedule kept ready or checking Twitter.. The longterm reward is the feel good factor of having accomplished something that I hadn't done before and the productivity that comes with the new habit. otherwise if I still felt like I must be rewarded, I resort to food. I cook/bake something special.
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