Do you find it difficult to cope with your smart phone addiction?

Saksham Pathak
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Luka Vasic
I started to notice that it is going a bit overboard in the past 2 weeks. Taught of doing a week without social media challenge to get used to lower phone usage.
Paul VanZandt
I don't have TikTok on my phone (except for some weekends) because it automatically takes an hour away from my day. Other social media does the same but on a lesser scale. Something that really helped my is turning off notifications for pretty much everything. It makes it a little easier to not reach for it when you have things to do. Do you have any strategies for curbing your screen time?
Saksham Pathak
@paul_vanzandt I have some tips for you. Watch some tutorials and enable grey scale on your device. It will make all your apps less appealing. Then you can organise your apps in folders so that they don't catch your attention and you don't end up clicking on them. Download an app to track your screen time and then when you see it you will spend less and less time. These have worked for me and hope it helps.
I often realize I am spending a lot of time on screen, quitting social media for bit can be an alternative temporary solution but once you are back at it you will get addicted again. However keeping yourself busy with other activities and dedicating certain amount of time to socials helps better.
Ondrej Zak
I used to suffer from severe phone addiction that lead to problems in my relationship (breakup after six years) and job (no promotion). That made me develop Zario. The key is to understand what internal triggers (boredom, anxiety, avoidance…) make you reach out for your phone.