Which AI writers have you tried and what was your experience?

Saksham Pathak
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There are many AI writers in the market. Which all have you tried? Did you get the desired results? What are your expectations from an AI writer?


Fabian Maume
I actually tried many: Scalenut, rytr, copy.ai & closercopy. Overall those tools are good to faster the copywriting process but they still need proofreading by a human being. Those tools also tend to generate relatively short copy, that is I want for a different approach when developing QApop content drafts.
There are sooo many! I've personally tried writesonic, jasper, otherside, lavender, contentbot, drafter, and more... Biggest pro--it writes content very fast, and it's creative Biggest con--you have to choose from multiple versions, and have to know which one is going to perform best to get the most out of the service On that note... We are building an ROI-prediction AI that can determine which copy will perform best for your audience.
Maxwell Davis
Hey @tiagorbf and @ufocoder you're using some of these tools right?
Gurpinder Singh
Have tried wordtune & copy.ai. But I liked wordtune and its suggestions, as they were more on point and were not going off the track. A must try!
Strongly recommend reKnow.io ! not only I helped on this product but also based on the feedback many clients loved it ! let me know your feedback please !