Do you build authentic relationships with Influencers who promote your brand?

Shivi Jalota
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André Weller
Voted no, since I never worked with influencers and would not know how to get a hold of them. Usually, it's my friends I work with and we already have an authentic relationship. And I do rather build them with my customers than some influencers that may not even like my product.
Gurpinder Singh
Yes, its a good idea to build authentic relationships with influencers for a long term partnership and build your brand
Shivi Jalota
@gurpinder_singh right because you know if you don't build authentic relationships it becomes like a transaction !
Vaibhav Taneja
Absolutely yes, It helps in brand building. Influencers happily promote such brands who have good connections with them and they actually provide deliverables at a better cost.
Shivi Jalota
@vaibhav_taneja absolutely vaibhav plus when you build a connection with them they provide you with valuable insights as well
Always did! Business is all about human connections, the greater the relationship the more you help each other and support one another, which on the long term brings more value than a one time transactional deal.
Gurleen Kaur
Yes, I do build an authentic relationship with influencers because it helps in brand marketing and long-term partnership and responses.
Shivi Jalota
@business_dev_team absolutely and now that the influencer marketing industry is worth 9 billion dollars , I feel building relationships is a necessity
Björn Morén
How can you build an authentic relationship with an influencer, when the only reason you build that relationship is for business purposes? I understand that using influencers can be a powerful way to get attention, but I wouldn't call that relationship authentic. When I think of authentic, I think of friends and colleagues.
Shivi Jalota
@bjorn_moren I agree the mere reason you get in touch with an influencer is because you want them to promote your brand but if you do not build a relationship with them , not empathise with them you will still somewhere loose out on a word of mouth opportunity here where they can kind of tell other influencers that this brand is worth more than just money and transactions. PS : also some influencers help you with insights of your competition. Happy to discuss further :)
Lucy Miller
I would say definitely yes. It may be hard to start, but building authentic relationships is always a good investment that comes very handy when you scale. I strongly recommend that.
Authentic relationships is key and make the process more enjoyable too.