Which do you think is the most important element of growth marketing?

Shivi Jalota
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Maxwell Davis
I put content and SEO marketing as it’s much more sustainable in the long run and provides useful things to share elsewhere like Social Media
Shivi Jalota
@maxwellcdavis I feel a good combination of all would work wonders
I think there is no right answer here. It is all about finding the balance between these elements.
Fabian Maume
Product? :) It will be hard to work in Growth marketing if you do not have product-market fit. You need to have some understanding of product and conversion rate optimization.
I think SEO or SEA but, the is no right answer, it depend on the product, context..
Shivi Jalota
@enola_vedovotto true a blend of both depending on the service and products
Markus Jenul
I think its content and SEO. we launched today our platform which gives free access to a content and SEO playbook that we used to tripple our leads within 4 months :) feel free to test it for free and to provide feedback :) https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Shivi Jalota
@markus_jenul1 Hey Markus on it! Thanks :) and congrats
Urszula Ostrowska
I think you should strike a balance between all of the above ⬆️