Do we have a small spam / self promoting problem at PH?

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Hi Product Hunt Community :) Do we have a "spam / self promoting" problem at PH? How are such products possible? They are clearly just spam or self promoting: I found these "hunts" within seconds... @askproducthunt @adityavsc @rrhoover Do you do anything to prevent such things? I know that's not easy but I think for every problem is a solution. Let's keep PH a clean and cool community as it is today :) Maybe we can filter some keywords that puts the hunt or hunter into quarantane mode and moderators have the ability to decide whether its against the ph community guidelines or not? Do you have any other idea? What would you suggest?


Michael Dois
When I see those hunts then I think thats a real problem :/ mmh thats a good way to do it (moderation if certain conditions are met).
Daniel Kyne
It would probably be a much bigger issue if they were getting votes and drowning out real projects, but they don't seem to, so 🤷‍♂️
I'd say we will have to call for regulation on what can and cannot be posted. An internal check of sorts, but since there are way too many products launching in this platform everyday it makes me wonder if that's even possible.
Michael Hood
For a long time from the constant advertising messages was overflowing with spam. No matter how many times I deleted it, it didn't get any less. And on recommendation I went to where I found useful tools to get rid of constant spam. And now I use temporary mail for sending messages which saves my time and nerves for deleting spam messages.