Customer acquisition tips? Share!

Natalie Karakina
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I read a lot about different ways to attract customer attention. But what works best for you? For us, InAppStory, the best channel is 100% customized content delivered to the right person directly (for example, images with Stories in their app in ads) Share your hacks! P.S. Collected 3 additional ways to get users here:


Alina Ihnatiuk
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Define Your Target Audience Use the Right Acquisition Channel Leverage Video Content Do Giveaways Create High-Quality Content Regularly Focus on SEO Run a Referral Program Create Optimized Landing Pages
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I like to searching new product
Define Your Target Audience, Use the Right Acquisition Channel, Leverage Video Content, Do Giveaways, Create High-Quality Content Regularly, Focus on SEO, Run a Referral Program, Create Optimized Landing Pages and many more.