Curious to hear thoughts on launching on Product Hunt with a waitlist?

Louise Bayssat
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We are building Hera ( - a calendar app for remote workers and distributed teams. The product is 4 month old and we're currently onboarding each user with a 20min onboarding call. Interested people join the waitlist and then we reach out to them. We're planning to launch on PH next month and curious to see what are the pros/cons of keeping this waitlist format vs opening up the product with self serve onboardings? Did you experience similar situation?


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Not sure if it counts, but I did a pre-sign up for my Health Hub template. Got around 150 pre signups. I did however also offer the product in return, so not sure if that has anything to say. But yeah, definitely worth it.
Atul Ghorpade
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@iampascio Hi Pascio, what platform/s you use for selling templates mostly? Gumroad, personal website, etc!?
Rucha Joshi
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I'd be interested to learn more on this from your experience. We had also started onboarding users onto Listener with a personal 15min call. And only later built the self serve onboarding platform. Going to find out if there's a difference in number of people signing up now.
David J. Kim
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Not sure about the onboarding call, but one of the most upvoted launch on ProductHunt mentions a waiting list near the end:
Louise Bayssat
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@between_team oh yes super cool product! thanks for sharing the insight