Co-founder and I live in different states. Where should we LLC?

Greg Barbosa
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This has been a difficult answer to find. Local accountants in my area are a bit baffled. My co-founder and I live in Florida and Ohio, and we're not sure where to LLC our business. We have paying customers, and are about to grow quickly, so we want to get our ducks in a row. How should a startup company register their business when nearly all employees will be remote?


Adrian Cole
I don't think it matters as much. LLCs are simpler than say C-Corps. What you can do is register in the state with more favorable tax/business laws/costs. The important thing is that you can accept payments from customers legally.
What a wonderful coincidence that this also launched today ( @eugenehp would you like to advise on why an LLC in Delaware is preferred?
Eugene Hauptmann
Thanks for the reference @adityavsc So many different thins might come into play, I'd recommend to start with the nexus of what and where you want to sell. But I'd defer to our legal guru @legalhacks and @llctoolkit
Matthew Johnson
Why an LLC rather than C-Corp? Are you not planning to fundraise?
Eugene Hauptmann
@mattcrail Yeah, C-corp is better to do the fundraising. But it has a higher overhead cost. LLC is simpler and easier to get started with, especially if you setting up a small business.
Ignacio Carmona
less taxes in Florida
Greg Barbosa
@igncarmona Yup, but from what I can tell, I'd have to register as a foreign LLC in Ohio too. Either way, I'd end up paying fees in one state or the other.
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