Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces?

Gabe Perez
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What's your audio place of choice? Any particular reason?


sulyman moyo
Been looking into them, Unfortunately i don't have access to either yet, but based on numerous reviews. I believe twitter spaces will end up destroying clubhouse Twitter has the creators who already have an audience. A creator would rather host an audio room to his audience on twitter than go out to build an audience on clubhouse
Easily Twitter Spaces. It's the only social network I use, so people I hang out with online are already there. Spaces also has a few features I like such as emoji reactions, audio transcriptions as well and the ability to show tweets in a room.
Tuana Çelik
I like both but I'd say twitter spaces mainly due to convenience.. I'm mostly always on it, find it easier rather than having to go to a dedicated app and scrolling through events.. I also find it easier to find what I'm interested in on Twitter in comparison to clubhouse
Daniel Akan
Twitter spaces has more features like reactions from the audience that gives it an edge over clubhouse. Also transcription of what is been said by the speakers although it isn't the best it is still a very important feature that will only get better with time.
Wilhelm Rahn
I was just able to open a clubhouse account, so I'm biased. Spaces has been pretty much public since day one, and it's baked into twitter, which makes stumbling into conversations super easy. I'll keep them both around and check how they evolve :)
I downloaded Clubhouse (I have android) a few days ago and I was disappointed to see that it's still INVITE-ONLY. I just can't see why this is acceptable anymore - it has been around months (I know the android is new tho). I will try it once I can sign up, but I'm sure I'll delete it after that. I just didn't have a good time downloading it, finding out it's invite-only, then waiting. On the other hand, I have tried Twitter spaces a few times (as a listener) and I really liked it.
Nico Medellin
Twitter spaces since Clubhouse still doesn't have an Android app, which means I still can't use it.
Saba Karim
Clubhouse is like an event venue, Twitter Spaces is like a living room.
Alexandre Contador
I prefer Twitter spaces as its already a application i currently use for a long time. From my perspective its important since its embed on Twitter. Glad to join a marketing specific one today
Jack Cohen
Twitter Spaces without a doubt. The core difference here is that on Twitter you're already by definition following people you care about whereas on Clubhouse you have to build an entirely new social web. The latter, which spent far too long in a hyper-exclusive beta, fell victim to a huge loss of quality on the platform when it was opened up more broadly. They deserve credit where it's due in re-popularizing social, egalitarian audio, but because Twitter can play off the other medium on the platform (Tweets) as fodder for conversation, it's a much more natural extension vs. Clubhouse.
Valentin Haarscher
Clubhouse at its debut as it had an intimate aspect but now that everyone has both I'd say Twitter Spaces is better positioned 🤷‍♂️
Simone Koetaan
Even though I like both, I can't help but prefer Twitter Space. Mainly because it is available on both iOS and Android smartphones, giving it an adaptability advantage. Whereas The Clubhouse app is only available on iOS. Also, joining Clubhouse is an "invite-only" process; you need to know someone with the app to get into a Clubhouse room. (When I downloaded the app, I kid you not, I waited almost 24 hours so that someone could let me in) Another reason why I prefer Twitter Spaces is that it lets you communicate in writing. Whereas on Clubhouse, If you want to communicate via text, the only way would be to follow up with someone outside the app, etc.
Michael Choupak
Spaces record and retain conversations for 30 days and will potentially allow a playback (by the host and perhaps participants), Clubhouse deletes records almost right away completely eliminating a possibility for asynchronous consumption. Guess who is going to prevail.
Chris Messina
Twitter Spaces! Even though Clubhouse is a better product, my network is already on Twitter.
Rowe Morehouse
clubhouse shipped to Android too late. I never tried it cuz not on iOS. Now I don't care … twitter spaces is so easy, and so broad … so global. I don't understand the clubhouse $$ valuation.
Angeline Tan
I've been participating in TwitterSpaces for two months now and joined Clubhouse two weeks ago and have found greater value and connections made on TwitterSpaces versus Clubhouse. Clubhouse seems rather saturated with content but TwitterSpaces centers on high value conversations.
William Mitchell
Clubhouse is suffering from a lack of quality that I think Spaces does not have - Spaces is tied to hard-won and lucrative Twitter followings, whereas Clubhouse is rather divorced. It's like a podcast vs. a radio show. The result on CH is a lack of rigor & excellence, which shows up in the form of endless tabloid-like, sloppy rooms and unqualified pseudo-intellectualism. When CH is good, though, it's very good - just depends on the moderator and skill of the guests.
Алевтина Амельченя
I don't like that Clubhouse is only available by invitation. Why can't I register at will? Why should I ask someone for invitations?
Miriam Dorsett
I have only used spaces once. I would probably use it more but no one ever seems to be hosting rooms that are in my twitter network! CH is a lot easier to use imo.