Checklist for launching on Product Hunt? πŸ“

Vedran Rasic
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Here's my list from the experience of launching 2 and making 9 products –what should I add or remove from this checklist? β€”β€”β€” First, figure out what your objective is? 🎯 1. Testing proof of concept 2. Increase traffic 3. Get (more) leads 4. Get (more) users 5. Get (more) paid users 6. Personal branding 7. Social signal (#1 POTD) 8. Something else…? Based on that, you will choose: 1. Offer 2. Call-to-action 3. Length of preparation 4. During-campaign activities 5. Launch day (month, day in the month) Here's what to do: βœ… Prepare and warm up a list of at least 50 supporters that care about your product βœ… Use β€œShip” free or paid as a great tool to collect emails and warm them up βœ… Prepare your web: announce the launch on your website (header banner/popups) βœ… Prepare content for you and your supporters in advance βœ… Create a Product Hunt exclusive discount βœ… Get on the radar of people who upvoted similar products βœ… Time your launch: Ask PH support/community if any big launches are coming up βœ… Prepare your infrastructure to handle higher volumes βœ… Product/demo video βœ… Prepare FAQ/A βœ… PRO TIP: Followup! βœ… PRO TIP: Create a checklist! β€”β€”β€” Best of luck. πŸš€


Luka Vasic
I am looking forward to the new launch!
Thomas Filmer
Awesome info and feedback, thank you @vedranrasic. We put together an article, which highlights the key factors we think you need to cover in order to run a successful campaign - check it out here
Marina ĐuriΔ‡
Thank you for the insightful tips and neat breakdown, excited for the new launch!
Vedran Rasic
Hey folks we just launched today πŸš€ LinkedIn for Founders & CEOs: How to leverage your network & drive business results -eBook