Can anyone please help me with a list of websites for getting quick backlinks?

Rajat Dangi 🛠️
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Generating quality backlinks is one of the hardest task as a marketer. How do you guys do it?


Maxwell Davis
There's a handy list in @roberto_robles's Katlinks
Roberto Robles
@maxwellcdavis @rajat_dangi1 Thanks for the mention Max! Hi Rajat, let me know if there's anything I can help you with.
Hussain Effendi
@maxwellcdavis @rajat_dangi1 @roberto_robles Im just starting off with SEO and research, I kind of loved katlinks so far.
Maxwell Davis
@rajat_dangi1 @roberto_robles @heffendi I find it very simple to use - most of the other SEO tools for me are a bit complex
Fabian Maume
This is my personal list: Otherwise the 7 days trial of Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is perfect to find potential backlinks.