Calling all parents on PH! What products do you use everyday for your newborns/infants/toddlers?

Sharath Kuruganty
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Steve Boyer
Owlet baby oxygen monitor. Hands down best investment if you want to get sleep.
Buster Franssen
I only use an app that tracks my baby's daily routine, sending me reminders. I don't use many baby products every day, but Johnson's baby lotion is my clear favorite. I've tried several baby lotions, and this one is the best in terms of quality and the baby's condition. I apply this lotion every day before bed and put my baby to sleep in his full size daybed. Stay away from baby lotions that contain many chemicals that can be toxic to your baby. No-frills baby lotion is safe all day, even for a newborn.
Daniel Lee
@iamwonder There's a new monitor that can track babies Pulse and Breathe without wearables, it's on my launched product page
Kathryn Cross
Not an everyday product, but wondering how many parents banked umbilical cord blood? I'm currently building a startup in this space and would love to chat about parents' experiences
Diapers lol but actually this thing called a Baby Brezza was really clutch for the first couple of months.
Michael Silber
* Dock-a-tot (I was skeptical of it just being a dumb pillow, it was a life-saver) * Electric nail file (don't bother with scissors) * Sprout Baby (easy app for tracking sleep, food, diapers) * Blackout shades * Snooze shade (great if you're traveling) * Sophie the Giraffe (all kids are obsessed)
Daniel Lee
@product_at_producthunt We create the Pxierra Ai Baby Monitor, hope it can help baby sleep care for parents and caregivers.
Benjamin Lim
A nightlight with colors that we could control was a huge help in training our daughter to understand when it was okay to get out of bed. We use the Hatch Rest.
Robin Lutz
Silicone bibs. Easy to clean and they catch everything even soups:
babycenter, it's a blogging site which is absolutely awesome.. its like they can read the parents minds :)
Mubashar Ali
I don't have any app for this nor the toddler. They are now grown up 😁
Alexia Gold
We don't use any apps. Maybe it's an old-fashioned approach, but I prefer growing my kids interacting and playing with them. Moreover, the choice of toys is so wide today. By the way, the winter holidays are aruond the coner. What are you going to buy to your little one?
Nick Bess
@alexia_gold It's a great approach. What can be better for children than their parents' attention? We also haven't started using apps for kids yet. Maybe later, when they grow up. Speaking about Christmas gifts, we are thinking about getting a ride-on car for our 5- and 7-year-olds. I've already found a great variant on Kids VIP, a 2-seater Mercedes. I hope they will like it.