Call for Partners: Building an Academy

Joseph Burutu
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We at UnbugQA are kicking off our QA Academy soon to groom the next generation of super awesome QA Engineers, and it would be awesome to have you partner with us. Below are some of the ways you can partner with us: 1. Learning partner: Have a great platform you feel could make learning easy for about 300 students at a time? Tell us about it. 2. Testing partner: Our students are looking for awesome platforms (preferably beta or staging versions) to test and grow their skills. If you’re up for it and don’t mind a bunch of newbies going through your coded, we’d love to meet you. 3. Career partner: We seek to give our students the opportunity to experience real-life work and not just conceptual projects, thus we’re looking for partners who would be willing to accept our students as fully remote interns when they graduate from our program. Paid internships would be awesome, but we’re open to unpaid internships as long as the students are comfortable with that. 
 4. Scholarship partner: Want to be part of the building process by sponsoring students? Then reach out to us! We’re super excited about the academy and would love you to be a part of our process. Feel free to drop a reply if interested. Thank you!


Maxwell Davis
Just thinking @rosiesherry might have some ideas for this