Building your SaaS business with Partnerships

Shubham Sood
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Starting from $0, recorded a run rate of >$1 million ARR only from our partners in less than 2 years for a SaaS company. If you’re in SaaS, chances are high that you are unaware of this revenue channel to grow your company. Do you run a partner channel for your SaaS?
Considering to add, looking for help.


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Do you mean affiliate partners or other type of partnership?
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@fabian_maume Mainly 4 types - Affiliate, Referral, Integration & Channel Partners exist in SaaS. What all are you tapping?
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Yes !lyfpit we just started a partnership program with experts (social media marketers, consultants, etc) the deal is simple we offer : 1/ Free access to premium plan ($1.6k worth) 2/ Mutual guest posts + podcasting 3/ Affiliate private code with a huge discount for their community more details here
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@raoufremidan Good offer. Launch your expert program only after you've a good chunk of Partner's (Atleast 200-300). Also, make your rev share offer clear.