Blogging platform?

Isaac Ng
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Hey makers, Looking to create a blog for my startup. A simple, easy-to-manage platform would be best. How do you currently host your blog?


Gleb Braverman
Substack - very easy to set up and very friendly!
Isaac Ng
@alanlee What made you pick hashnode over the other tools like Substack?
Alan Lee
@incyann I just started with Substack and Hashnode. But I prefer Hashnode for few reasons: 1) Better UI with blog customisation 2) Supportive community on Discord 3) Ownership - You can download all the content 4) Free custom domain 5) Widget / Integration / Newsletter 6) Better visibility - They would promote your content 7) SEO friendly 8) Free! My blog :
Fabian Maume works well. And if you host the blog on your own website later one, there is a setup to show google that is not duplicated content.
Carney Nicolas
I've just recently begun experimenting with Substack and Hashnode. However, there are a few reasons why I favor Hashnode: Geometry Dash 2