Best tool you use on a day to day basis?

James Quinn
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Interested to hear some of the tools founders use on a day to day! My team discovered a few months ago (a free customer support tool). It's been invaluable for collecting feedback, helping customers to use our product, and creating a knowledgebase for support documentation. What are some of your favorite tools?


Ruby to send and receive emails from my many domains.
David Tran
I use Slack to chat with my team, discuss technical issue, store node meeting, and video call. It's the best chat app for team now. Before Slack was born, I have to use Skype. It is a horrible product.
Benoit Chambon
Slack, Notion, Figma, Gsuite (and Word, because GDocs sucks...)!
Cica-Laure Mbappé
I use Grammarly every day. I'm french, so I'm always scared of making grammar mistakes. It looks so unprofessional. So I installed the extension, and I can correct myself everywhere.
Ben Sibley
Ninox! I like it so much more than Google Sheets and use it to store data on everything. I track post updates, product bugs, financial reports - you name it. Owning my data and having full control over the presentation has been really empowering.
Buse Nur Yılmaz
I usually use @Grammarly because I'm Turkish and English is my second language so I'm also trying to avoid mistakes as many as possible. Also, Slack is pretty useful. Also, Notion is pretty good at scheduling your weeks and taking notes.
Quinn Wang
We like a combination of Dropbox Paper, Slack, and Asana!
Ali Osman Büyükbaş
I started using Desk360 a couple of months ago to manage customer messages. For now, it works for me, but I don’t like how live chat looks on my website. I wish I could customize it
Nil Tuna
@ali_osman_buyukbas hey ali, you'll be able to do the customization next week. the development process is completed and now we're testing it.
Artem Smirnov
I use Visual Studio and VSCode for coding, Terminus for command line, TODOist for tasks, Notion for notes, Toggle for tracking time when I freelance and PomoDone to avoid burnout. Can't live without all these tools.
Zuriñe Martin
Notion, Asana & Drive. Powerful combination!
Christiana Goodman
In my practice, the best ones are employee monitoring software and Ahrefs. We use them every day (well, of course, in addition to Google services). work time does an excellent job of monitoring working time and evaluating its efficiency plus it does not record any personal information of employees. Ahrefs is suitable for analyzing our competitors in the network, as well as for monitoring the positions of our company.
Maths Mathisen
We're using g-suite, asana, HOLD X, slack, zendesk, airtable and Miro. Miro is great for remote work collaboration.
Atif Unaldi
Spark, timepage and actions by moleskin and ulysses
Tayyab Akram
Hubstaff for time and productivity tracking
Trello for a personal projects, Jira for work projects and Slack for both personal and work chats. I’m also loving miro for planning, refinement, brainstorming, etc.
Simeon Murzin
Our team uses the online-whiteboard of Productivity Lab a couple of times a week. It's great for having any kind of meeting that requires a little more creative freedom and quick idea sketching. We've also used it for things like retrospectives and design sprints.
Glen Creaser
Don't forget HotJar!
Anurag Singh
With a lot of bias thrown in.. :) we've been building it for the past year with the goal for it to become our daily go to tool. We built it because we ended up using way too many tools to get remote work right.. our data, info, content, discussions were all over across different tools. So far we've managed to replace Slack, Asana, Gdocs.. we're hoping it also becomes aa good replacement for Notion but thats probably a little while away.
definetly , mainly for the hashtags
Fred Wilson
I use nTask, and MS Teams.