Best Tips on How to apply and get into HYPER 😻 ( PRODUCT HUNT's VC Firm ) ??

Mayank Mishra
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Hey folks, Last week @rrhoover @joshbuckley and the Product Hunt team launched one of its kind startup accelerator program "HYPER" I was amazed to see this "Surreal" program and there is not one but multiple reasons to be amazed. 😻 If you know about @ycombinator then HYPER is like YC on steroids. 🚀 ask me why? because: - 💥 HYPER has partnered with the words best VC's and firms like @a16z @sequoia @angellist VC20 etc. - 💥 HYPER has access to the best distribution channels, including @producthunt and @angellist - 💥 The people!! some of the stalwarts of the startup world including @naval @sriramk @rrhoover @joshbuckley @ahiggz etc. - 💥 $300k for 5%, on a SAFE - 💥 Community! I'm super bullish about the program and would love to apply for the first batch with Poppins ( ), a B2B SaaS app for Productivity, we're getting great customer love within 2 months of launch including featuring on Slack app directory as the #1 Brilliant bot & #1 new & noteworthy "Productivity tool". Any feedback/tips on how to apply successfully will be super helpful. Thanks ps: If you're building something cool and useful, do consider applying! :) Thank me later!


Carlos Leyva
Yeah just came across it, looks brilliant. Happy to hear how it goes for you. Commenting 'cause I wanna see also the tips ;)
Jonathan Choi
Hi Mayank! Thank you for your interest in Hyper. We're really excited about finally announcing the program to the public. I would encourage you to take your time in the application process, providing sufficient context so that we have a holistic understanding of your company's current state. Given the selectivity of our small cohorts, we expect that the candidate pools will be very competitive. Cohorts will occur quarterly, therefore founders should not feel pressure to apply immediately if they are not quite ready. Following the initial application review, we will reach out to a small number of companies for a deep dive via interviews. Best of luck in the application process! We look forward to reviewing your submission.
Mayank Mishra
@jonathanchoi Hey Jonathan, thanks for taking out the time to help me and fellow builders understand the process in detail, appreciate that and I wish some of the best companies apply and get selected for the first cohort. Looking forward to sending our application. :)
Mayank Mishra
@gleb_braverman yes it is, thanks Gleb.. are you applying too?
Milly T
Just taking a look at Hyper, thanks for sharing Mayank!