Best places to get feedback?

Jesús Vivas
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Hi guys, I'm from Spain and I would like to be closer to the US community so the question is: Where can I find the best places to share my product and receive feedback? Indie Hackers, HN, and Reddit are good options but maybe I'm missing other communities outside. Let me know 👇


Fardous Karims
You can use LinkedIn to share your product and to get your product feedback.
Fabian Maume
You can join LUNADIO community it is great to get feedbacks. Beside this: If your tool is a SaaS: Also making targeted outreach of influencer on Quora, Youtube or linkedin can help you a lot.
Sazzadur Rahman
I think product hunt.What do you prefare?
Anna lucca
There will be many other sites for you to get feedback, not necessarily the top big sites, such as
Benoit Chambon
Product Hunt and Twitter :)