Best Designers for FB Ads?

Daniel Baum
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Hi PH Community! I'm looking for a great designer for my company Sleek's first FB ads. It seems like my choices are the Fiverr community or an expensive designers. Does anyone know a reasonably-priced ad designer? Or any suggestions for designing beautiful FB ads cheaply? Thanks!


Dawn Veltri
Director of Marketing @ RAEK
Hi Daniel, Look up Leah Mazur on LinkedIn. She is hands down the best there is!
Daniel Baum
Co-Founder & COO, Sleek
@dawn_veltri1 Awesome! Thank you!
eric mann
My name is Eric & I am a growth marketer
Hi Daniel, My company specializes in paid ad creative. We've developed a creative process that has driven higher ROI through paid ads. Would love to chat! Just shot you a linkedin connect. Looking forward to it!
Carsten Pleiser
2 x Founder • Advisor • Angel Investor
Maybe check