Tips for moving PH engagement to product downloads?

Daniel Baum
6 replies
Hi everyone! What are the best ways to get PH users to actually DOWLOAD your product? I'm planning a PH launch for my company, Sleek ( After people engage on PH, I want to encourage them to download the Sleek Chrome extension... after all, what's the point of launching if people don't download the product! I'm thinking of a few different tactics: - referal deals for PH viewers (either a link or special code - which is better?) - referal deals for inviting friends - individual messages to each person commenting on my PH launch Any other suggestions??? Thanks!


Great topic. I guess we're all trying to find that answer. How about we start with "I download yours, you download mine?".
Bharat Pasam
Interesting question about converting PH leads to customers. I think some will convert but most will provide feedback that will help you build a better product....and hopefully get more downloads. I would say focus on the feedback and the downloads will come.
Daniel Baum
@bharatpasam Totally fair, feedback drives the best product and product drives customers!
Yami San
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