Best Ad-Spend Hacks

Daniel Baum
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What are your best hacks / tricks to optimize ad spend? I've started advertising my company Sleek on Google Ads and FB/Insta with a small budget (~$20/day/each), and want to stretch my dollars as far as possible. Any suggestions?


Solomon Bush
I would say just carefully monitor your bounce rate. If it's really high - stop ads immediately, and figure out why people are leaving your page. I did this and realized my landing pages had horrible conversion rates. Saved lot's of money, and when I start doing ad's again, I know I will be getting my money's worth :)
Daniel Baum
@solomon_bush Thanks, that's a great point! We are seeing high bounce rates but I figured that might be because we re-direct to a waiting list, not a download page. Why was yours bouncing - was it your landing page needed fixing?
Shitiz Dogra
You need to give the campaign at least a week's learning time and then see the stats. Then you can gauge which bucket you need to put more money into. I've noticed on Google ads when conversions start improving, increasing the bid marginally gives good results and is a tested optimization hack.
Daniel Baum
@djogy Thanks! So after about a week or two, you increase spend by 10-20% and it outperforms the spend increase? Is that only on Google?
Shitiz Dogra
@daniel_baum That's what I've observed both on Google and FB. Before you do this, ensure campaign is out of the learning phase.
Honestly, I think the best hack is to grow without ad spend. I’m not an expert by any means, but if people desperately wanted your product to solve an issue they are facing in their life, I think you would be able to grow organically. I am not an expert when it comes to growth, but I think I’m good at being able to tell whether my startup is solving a real problem or not. Usually I close down a startup when I feel like I’m not making something that people want. If I do think I am making something people want, I try to find the people that want it and tell them my startup exists. I looked at the Ship page for Sleek and it seemed like a classic B2B fintech startup. Why did you decide to target consumers?